Sticker Showcase Terms and Conditions

Sticker Submission Terms and Conditions

By submitting a work you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that the submission is of you own original creation. Additionally, you give Freeride Spots LLC. the right to use and duplicate indefinitely however is seen fit by Freeride Sports LLC. without any further consideration. You also agree to the forfeiture of any copyright claims or monetary rights thereof. By submitting you also agree to cease any reproduction of the work for monetary, social, or commercial gains.

Copyrighted works are automatically void. If the submission violates the terms and conditions the submission will be void and it will be taken down from the website. An option will be provided to submit a signature or identifying symbol in conjunction with the artist’s work that will be included on any physical prints or digital distributions. If no signature is provided, there can be no expectation of credit to be given on the physical print of the submission or other digital distributions. If a signature is provided after the fact it will be included on all future prints, however; any stickers produced in the interim will continue to be uncredited.

Consideration to the artist will be given in the form of 100 free stickers of their work and the publication of their work.

Penalty for violating the terms and conditions is the continued forfeiture of the work without credit. We reserve the rights to make changes to this policy without notice.