Sticker Showcase

Do you have a great idea for a Freeride sticker? Want to win 100 free sickers of your design? We want to see what artists can do; submit what you think captures Freeride Sports. The best designs will be turned into sticker given out at our store and you will get 100 free stickers!

Freeride is looking for local artists to showboat the can do! We want to promote original artwork by printing submitted designs as stickers. Anyone can submit as many designs as they wish and all will be eligible for printing. Any content is acceptable so long as you can give a reasonable explanation of how you feel it relates to our store.

Technical Requirements:

  • Max size 4" x 4" (can specify custom size up to 4" x 4")
  • Grayscale optional
  • Signature must be submitted with drawing in order to be present on sticker
  • 100 stickers awarded to every design printed
  • Copies of artwork in the form of sticker will also be given out for free

Click here to submit your sticker design

Regulations: Submissions must be scanned if drawn; Submissions must be in the form of a image file, a pdf, or google drawing.

Terms and Conditions